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Smart Monitoring. Smart Care.

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  • Seknova Biotechnology was established in Taiwan in 2018, developing Continuous Biomarker Monitoring System (CBMS) for early disease detection and prevention of serious complications, the first product is the Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system. 

  • A painless sensor is worn on the arm for 14 days. Readings are displayed on the user's phone with automatic alerts when levels are out of the target range. 

Product advantages

Less Pain

Current CGMs use a single long needle injected under the skin, we use microneedle arrays that do not come in contact with blood, lowering the risk of infection and pain to users.


Without any applicators, users can wear the sensor on the upper arm, it can be worn for at most 14 days. Glucose data is sent to the user's phone app with automatic alerts when levels are out of the target range.



Our sensor design allows us to monitor multiple biomarkers simultaneously for more complete health analysis and early disease detection to avoid complications.



The microneedle array has a wider contact area with the skin, the sensing is more sensitive.

Since we have fewer accessories, our cost is lower than other CGMs.


Clinical trials

Medical institutions cooperation.


Welcome global investment companies come to know us.

Provide CGM ODM services for medical device distributors or brands.


Keep in touch with potential medical device distributors and agents for future markets.

ODM Service

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