All Seknova devices referenced on this site are currently in development and not yet available for purchase.

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More than a CGM, Seknova is a revolution in patient monitoring.   

More Data, Less Pain

The Seknova System is the only continuous diabetes monitoring system that offers multi-biomarker 

monitoring for early detection of acute complications. A painless sensor is worn on the arm for 14 days. Readings are displayed on the user's phone with automatic alerts when levels are out of target range. 

Multi-monitoring allows you to detect severe complications early and seek immediate treatment. Our system detects and alerts for hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and acidosis events. 

Detect & Protect

Zero Pain

Our micro sensor technology requires no blood and no fingerstick calibration. Application is easy and completely pain free. Just remove the adhesive cover and press the patch on your arm. You're ready to go. 

Live Your Life

The small sensor is easy to cover and designed for ultimate comfort. Wear it day and night for up to 14 days. The sensor is also water-resistant so you can shower, exercise or even swim. Don't let diabetes get in the way of life.  

Automatic & Shared Alerts

The Seknova App automatically alerts when levels are too high, too low or changing rapidly. You set your own alert levels according to your doctor's recommendations. You can also share readings and alerts in real-time with family and friends.   

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